Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Outfit Algorithm: Denim Shirt

NastyGal Heart Print Denim Shirt $15
Introducing the next in the Outfit Algorithm series! Is it obvious that my heart sings for embellished things? Pun not intended but wholly fortunate. Perhaps it would've been more wise to stick with dressing up basics but I reasoned that well, since it's a medium wash and a normally sweet print why not see if I can upend that? Plus, nothing trumps the casualness and laziness factor of a denim shirt.

Level 1: Bottoms

Lulu & Rose Pleather Pants (Liverpool Opshop ,$1), Cheap Monday Acid Wash Skinny Jeans (eBay), Motel Rocks Grey Star Printed Jeans ($30) 
To offset the sweetness of the heart print, we have the opposite end of the spectrum - pleather to toughen it. The star printed jeans in order to play up the whimsical factor of the shirt whilst the acid wash provides a contrast against the medium wash. Here, all of the pants are of a more skinnier fit so as to allow a streamlined effect, balancing out the looseness of the shirt when worn untucked.

Level 2: Shorts 

Versace High Waisted Shorts (eBay, $25), Finders Keepers Shorts (eBay, $15)
Because floral print is so overrated. Ahaha. Juxtaposition is everything, adds interest, adds opposing ideas that shouldn't exist yet works in harmony when viewed from a distance. In this instance it's the different hues of blue working against each other but still complementing and the leaf print against the heart but as blue and brown tend to universal colours it all pans out.

Level 3: Skirts

Cue Layered Skirt (eBay), MNG striped skirt (Anglicare, $8)
Here we have two contrasting styles. The Cue skirt amps it up to the more regal tier whilst still retaining a quirky twist whilst the MNG skirt plays up the sweet factor from the dusty rose against the blue but the stripes gives it more elegance. Both skirts sit rather high on the waist, giving you an extremely flattering silhouette.

Level 4: Layered Under Outerwear

Including all blazers, coats and miscellaneous other forms of outerwear, demonstrated above - the anorak. An anorak with pleather sleeves? A sure fire way to toughen up a typically feminine piece.  

Level 5: Layered under Jumpers 

Topshop Pastel Pink Knit Jumper (eBay), Aztec Print Jumper (Salvos, $3)
Denim shirts seem to pair fantastically with pastels, and it plays on the femininity and cuteness of it to the fullest. I'm a sucker for collars and shirts paired underneath a jumper are the most effortless, lazy ways to wear them.

Level 6: Layered Over Dresses

Mika & Gala Dress (Salvos, $10)
Or conversely, layered under a dress. A stark contrast would be achieved by layering a chiffon dress underneath, a twixt of a flowy dreamy fabric, offset by the casualness of the denim, but with the heart print, it would tie in the whole whimsical look.

Level 7: As Outerwear Itself 

Chicabooti Studded Skull Muscle Tank (Anglicare, $1.45)
Ahaha, the contrast of this is almost as if My Little Pony was revamped into a horror movie.. has that been done already? It's almost ironic in a sense at this point. When worn with bottoms, a casual look is garnered if worn untucked. 

Level 8: Accessorise

Or with bow ties, or necklaces your call. Bow ties and ties have that kind of preppy feel that I find is so attractive. In one instant swoop, I feel that it adds an edge of sophistication and quaintness.

And that wraps up the Outfit Algorithm for the denim shirt. Often times I think it's useful to have the multiple ways in which things can be worn in one single viewing session as it's easy to overlook it during times of mass panic like 'oh god, I'm going to be LATE', or taking in the vastness and number of choices one's wardrobe can pose. 

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