Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Stovetop Pizza

As if something like this needs an introduction but I shall do my best to do it justice. This recipe embodies all that anchors itself into your culinary repertoire. Simple. Versatile. Economic. Quick. Particularly befitting for a quick lunch and as a means of utilising the leftovers in your fridge. 

As it doesn't use yeast but rather self-raising flour the crust ends up slightly crispy and fluffy - almost something like a pancake. However, this adds to its appeal and I assure you.. it is indeed worth it. 

Start by mixing together the ingredients in a 20cm diameter non-stick pan, without heat. (Do not worry if it comes out slightly sticky - it is meant to be so)

Add 4 Tablespoons of your preferred sauce (bechamel, pesto, anything really!) spread all the way to the edge, followed by your preferred toppings (I kept it simple with mushrooms, cheese and a tomato based sauce). Add as much cheese as you prefer (Who am I to dictate the quantity of cheese??)

Cover with lid and cook on medium heat for 10-15 minutes. 

Transfer to a board to sit for 2 minutes before serving. 

Stovetop Pizza

(Adapted from 4 Ingredients - One Pot One Bowl by Kim McCosker)


1 cup self-raising flour

2 Tbsps olive oil

4 Tbsps pizza sauce (tomato, pesto, bechamel, whatever! You are the master of how you like your pizza!)

Preferred toppings (Mushrooms, figs, pear, anything that is barely clinging onto life in your fridge, broccoli, chicken, bacon -- although regarding meat you may want to cook it beforehand before topping it etc.)

Cheese (any amount!)

2/3 cup water


1. In a 20cm non stick frying pan, mix together flour, oil, water pinch of salt with a spatula

2. Work to form a dough, spread across area of the frying pan with back of spatula. 

3. Spoon sauce until the edge.

4. Add desired toppings before sprinkling with cheese. 

5. Cover with lid and cook on medium heat for 10-15 minutes. 

6. Carefully slide pizza out onto a board. Sit for 2 minutes before serving. 

May your pizza cravings now go fulfilled! 



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