Friday, 4 July 2014

F(x) Red Light Make up Inspiration

fx,red light | Tumblr

And here I thought I had outgrown Kpop... But apparently in that aspect it is much like Maplestory.. a void you can ever escape from (ominous music plays, thunder booms outside). I jest and digress far too much. I am so enamoured with the make up look done in this concept! Particularly with the contrast of the two eyes. One immensely smoky and intense, and the other light and neutral. Perfect for those that have problems duplicating exact results on both eyes, short on time.. and overall, so intriguing and eclectic. The effect is rather interesting, with one half of your face looking quite soulful and the other, fierce. Rounding off the look with more neutral shades of berry, nude and pink lip colours, maintains emphasis on the eyes without detracting from it in the least. It's fantastic seeing f(x) play with such a dark concept, here's to hoping that they utilise it more in the future.  

Luna with additional underlines of blue, a dark shade makes it look rather futuristic without being garish 
This version that Krystal sports is more light in both cases but still offering a greater contrast.

Rather than a smoky eye, it uses instead, winged eyeliner thus making it more suited towards an everyday look.
Sulli with a heavy smoky eye
F(Victoria) - Red Light | via Tumblr
Victoria with more clean lines, and overall a lighter hand, resulting in a more elegant and natural look
Krystal and a sharp, defined winged eyeliner matched with a light, natural tightlined eye, thus offering a starker contrast
F(Krystal) - Red Light | via Tumblr

Originally, I was going to name the post F(i). Get it? Get it? As f(x) is a function whose value changes depending on x and since this analysis was mainly focused on the eyes.. and.. Oh what's that? Crickets chirping? Anyway, what did you all think of the song and other factors surrounding this concept? Admittedly, I think it grows on you overtime. 



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