Thursday, 31 July 2014

Basically Timeless

American Apparel Sheer White Shirt ($10, Glebe Markets)
To construct a building you must first have a foundation. Likewise, there are some closet essentials that can be built upon to fall under different styles whether it be simple and classic, bold and wacky, etc. But you don't need to offer your wallet to the heavens to do so, thrift stores are a great place to hunt for basics particularly if you're concerned about brands and quality. The white shirt is excellent to start with, whether worn on its own over denim for a casually chic outfit or over dresses to achieve a drapey, whimsical effect. 

Country Road Long Cream Cardigan ($3, Vinnies)
The cardigan is prefect for autumn and if you feel that what you're wearing is too exposing. Outerwear has the ability to act as the metaphorical bow on the present - tying everything together. 

Lulu & Rose Leather Shorts ($1, Opshop)
As I don't have a leather jacket, I thought I'd compromise with leather shorts instead. Fortunately, leather shorts require the exact amount of effort to wear as denim shorts except it provides an edge that denim does not. 

Mighty Fine Graphic T Shirt ($1.45, Summerhill Anglicare)
Graphic shirts are the simplest way to add a certain quirkiness to outfits, depending on the print. I'd like to think that this contains a myriad of motifs from various games (at the very least Mario.. spot them! ahaha),  plus they're great for when you're having a lazy day (all day, every day). I had taken shirts like this for granted, after being so used to wearing muchly oversized men's shirts I had forgotten just how flattering a shirt that captures your shape better is (I know, you don't say Captain Obvious). So since then, I've been on the hunt for smaller sized women's shirts (why are they so hard to excavate? Often they're too thin, too tight or the graphics are just too wildly inappropriate and juvenile, this along with faux pockets are a massive gripe! Digression, digression, digression). 

Levi Skinny Jeans ($8, Salvos)
No list such as this is complete without the classic blue denim! Another is black. This one I feel is pretty self explanatory but I must reiterate that depending on the type, Levis are easily $60+. You just have to be patient and paw through the rack as desperately as a person searching for water in a desert. Yes, finding the ultimate pair of jeans is equivalent to life. Jeans are the most dependable thing in your wardrobe and they will long outstrip any in terms of wear. I'd write an ode to jeans but even for me, that's a tad melodramatic. 

Witchery Striped Dress ($8, eBay)
Cheating slightly, but depending on how its worn it can be casually sweet or edgy (if you have a leather jacket which I lack, haha). Worn on its own with ankle boots, with it's unusual diamond hem achieves a rather chic look. 

Princess Highway Jumper ($6, Salvos)
This is my 'simple' jumper because I don't possess anything plain, take that as you will. Perfect to be paired with collared shirts for a preppy style or worn over dresses for a casual one. 

BCBG Max Azria Cropped Blazer ($8, Salvos)
If anyone can find a trench coat for less than $15 at a thrift store, should then be advised to purchase a lottery ticket to try their luck. In all seriousness, it's unfortunate that the picture doesn't capture the intricate details of the blazer, but the general effect is the same, boosting even the graphic shirt into classier realms. 

Sportsgirl Plaid Shirt ($2, Preston Bazaar)
Not your typical plaid shirt. Colour schemes go a long way in projecting differing auras. Darker tones lends itself to a more polished vibe. For the ultimate slouchy outfit, wear untucked with a form of denim or leggings, perhaps a blazer for an attempt at elevating it ahaha. 

Zara Brown Trousers ($8, Salvos)
Recently, I had been steering away from denim as my preferred bottoms. These trousers, although they have a slim fit, encapsulates your legs instead rather than clings, giving the illusion of slimmer legs. The earthy tone of the brown gives any outfit a softer and feminine look. Strangely, although it's a colour I normally steer clear from after being confined to it for 5 years, I find myself rather drawn to the effect it gives to outfits.

TOTAL: $55.45 

Well how about that? I was hoping that everything would end up under $50, but I guess that's too much of an ask haha. But basics are designed to outlast the apocalypse whilst your other clothes disintegrates. Perhaps the next post shall be designed to reveal how these can be styled, how many outfits will I generate from that I wonder? Anyway, I hope this was a valuable insight into utilising the most out of your thrift store! I know it's a long instilled fact that you should invest in your basics, but not everyone can go out and purchase jeans for $200+ (myself included). Plus, most of these items lasted the initial washing test so it would be safe to presume that they would last a ton of other washings. 




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