Thursday, 3 July 2014

20+ Outfits under $20

I suppose this is another means of emphasising the value of thrifting. Lamenting together, my friends and I mourned that most of our measly earnings from our part time jobs were eaten up immediately by food and train tickets respectively, leaving very little in the way of recreation. Hours of standing, pretending to be concerned that physics did not work in the way that customers intended only for it to be drained by essentials.. Furthermore, the brands that were then left, disintegrates upon a single wash. 

I had seen the $20 outfit challenge on YouTube and I idly wondered how many outfits I could generate with that amount. Even considering that most of my wardrobe was thrifted, it did prove to be a slight challenge, nonetheless, here was what I could cough up! And note, I did not give an exact quantity as a few outfits were far too basic to be worth showing and I also did not end up utilising the playsuit in the end. Although when I do this next time, I'll create more unique sets, I was intrigued by quantity and thus they ended up being more suited for casual/school wear. Mmm! I imagine they would go down well for packing light for travelling as well! Of course, depending on the climate, you would need to adjust accordingly, by swapping for thicker layers and the addition of tights, thermals etc. 


Sheer Peter Pan Collar Shirt (~$1.50, SummerHill Anglicare - priced by kilo and as I have gone several times, I don't recall the exact price. So I took the most costly amount)
General Pants Distressed Overalls (~$1.50, SummerHill Anglicare)
Chicabooti Studded Skull Muscle Tank (~$1.50, SummerHill Anglicare)
Bardot Cropped Peach Jumper ($2, Campsie Salvos)
Brown Swede Paperbag Shorts (~$1.50, SummerHill Anglicare)
Dotti Maroon Skinny Jeans ($2, Glebe Flea Market)
Luly & Rose Pleather Pants ($1, Liverpool Opshop)
Country Road Striped Sweaterdress ($2, Preston Bazaar)
Kookai Waterfall Blazer (~$1.50, SummerHill Anglicare)
Country Road Cream Long Cardigan ($3, Campsie Salvos)
Nude Playsuit with Mesh Back (only shown in first photo) (~$1.50, SummerHill Anglicare)

TOTAL = $19

Until next time!




  1. Nice outfits! I love the peter pan collar shirt and paperbag shorts the best.

    1. Why, thank you! Am I ever so grateful that I excavated them out of that place. The amazing finds more than makes up for the fact that you need to go waist deep to find them haha.