Monday, 23 June 2014

Diamonds in the Rough

With exams now over, I'm determined not to let so much time slip through my fingers once more. Here are the more unique items that I've accumulated over the past year of thrifting. I label them as unique in both their design coupled with the unbelievable price that I managed to purchase it. Some days I can walk into a store and find virtually nothing, but when I'm low of funds, all of a sudden, my cushion is filled with metaphorical needles in a haystack so much that they resemble hedgehogs! Please excuse the fact that most of the following items are in desperate need of hot treatment under an iron.

camilla and marc skirt. Flea market. $10 
The cobalt blue is just gorgeous. Furthermore, the asymmetrical pockets are indeed functional and behind those pretty golden zips lurk.. more pockets! Nothing in life is more irksome than pockets that are merely designed for aesthetics.

Lulu & Rose pleather pants. $1
Yes, that was its actual price. And no, it was not on sale. Another unbelievable statement, it is brand new. The only reason why it is the price it is was due to the fact that it was labelled as 'faulty', but the only fault I found was that t was missing a button. Upon realising that, my internal dialogue went, 'pffttt, for $1 I'd settle for a lot less - a missing button? Easily remediable.' Moreover, it's of such remarkably high quality and butter soft!

Lulu & Rose pleather shorts, $1
You would be correct if you assumed that this followed the same stipulations as the previous item. I was so elated to pick them both up, of course due to the price and the fact that they were both items on my fashion bucket list. The scalloped edges of the shorts give it a nice differential touch but unlike the pants, this has a more problematic flaw - it's lacking the zipper so I haven't been able to wear it just yet.

MANGO skirt. $9
Impossible to tell in the picture but except for the thickest stripe in the centre, the others are the most luxurious velvet and the lining is the most prettiest pink. All of these elements incorporated became reaffirmation that despite the fact that thrifting is far more unpredictable and time consuming, it is leaps and bounds worth it. Particularly at the awesome, awesome prices. I was just in awe when I stumbled upon it, never had I seen something like this before and if I had, I can only shudder at the price.

BCBGMaxazria cropped blazer, $8 
I knew as soon as my fingers felt the fabric I was onto a winner - I just didn't know how big of one it was. I just about died when I pulled it out from amongst the surrounding clothes. Charcoal black, ridiculously soft and the most flattering cut. If this was entered into a contest for the ultimate blazer, this would win the most ludicrously, garish blue ribbon (or perhaps the cobalt skirt above ahaha).

TFNC London dress. Flea Market. $2
Now this is definitely the outlier. Peter pan collar, pleats that would put a school uniform to shame and it seems to float on your frame, supported by its own gravity. It's just so dainty and feminine, I couldn't just leave it behind.

Topshop Peplum Peter Pan Collar Top, $8

My addiction towards collars and pockets couldn't be any more clearer. A harmless one, I swear your Honour! So many factors working for this top! Ultra flattering with an eclectic collar with iridescent diamantes to boot. With such an intriguing collar it would be incredible to layer with a jumper. 

Wish, Sleeveless Blazer, $15
We are coming down the homestretch now and ending unintentionally with the most priciest item. But the pockets! The buttons! The fit! The quality! The sequin shoulders! Ahem. This shares the same home as the peplum top above, and what a neighbourhood it belongs to. Never have I seen so many brands calling a single thrift store home sweet home, with an alarming price tag to match.

What diamonds have you uncovered whilst thrifting? I believe I'm so drawn to it because I'm able to find pieces that are Alexander McQueen-esque - all without the excruciating price tag.

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  1. Amazing finds! You have an interesting blog, and I like the way you write. (^ ^)