Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dessert Tasting At the Blackflower Patisserie, Haymarket

There was one thing that was the perfect pick me up... and what was that? Why a dessert tasting at the fairly new Blackflower Patisserie, thats what.

I had discovered its presence roughly about a few weeks ago and am I ever relieved to have stumbled upon such a place? Hell . Freaking. Yes. This place is probably so far, the closest to Adriano Zumbo's Patisserie in terms of complex layered desserts and textures. Oh and a quick warning, don't be surprised by the rather adventurous names, it seems to be more quirky and tongue-in-cheek than anything else.. unless if actually does provoke what its namesake is then errr . I can't remember the exact components of each dish but I do recall their risque names haha. I was alerted to this free dessert tasting through their Instagram and I immediately texted them to secure a place as well as several of my friends post haste demanding whether or not they were free so we could hit it up. The reason behind it was because they were testing desserts for their dine-in menu. I went with two other friends and once we were there, we were told we could order a free dessert each. The two of them allowed me full control of the menu as they were assured with the fact that I always pick good things .. HAHAHA errrr . If memory proves to be correct, there were 7 - 8 items on the menu , other than the ones we chose , there were a few that had similar elements, we avoided those and those that contained espresso and went for the more exotic sounding ones.. and we did not regret our decision at all. 

Bosom Buddy 
The Bosom Buddy which consisted of a raspberry mousse, vanilla bean ice cream, pomegranate seeds, passionfruit star bursts and blueberry bites. They brought out this dish first and .. it was delicious. I loved the wide range of contrasting textures and flavours it provided. The tartness of the passionfruit and raspberry mousse was perfectly offset with the vanilla ice cream. My only complaint was that it should've been brought out last instead, the light vibrant notes would have dispelled any heaviness from the following desserts. 

The Climax, cushion foam pavlova melt over passionfruit, white chocolate mousse, strawberries and tropical fruit. Unfortunately, we had ordered this originally for the white chocolate as my best friend is a white chocolate fiend, however upon receiving the dish, they had informed us that since they had run out of the white chocolate, they were forced to improvise with pavlova and I'm assuming a lightly torched blueberry meringue. It was good only except that it was rather .. mundane and didn't deliver anything unusual. Probably because we were expecting white chocolate haha . 

Mind Rape
The Mind Rape was a chocolate fondant with vanilla bean ice cream, cylindrical tuile, chocolate ganache and mousse, crumble and strawberries. I'll just let that photo above do all the talking. That fondant ... with that ooey gooey centre. So rich and heavenlyyyy, we were reduced to unintelligible mumbling as soon that luxurious nectar of chocolate touched our tongues .. Of course we had to do the obligatory food porn shot haha .. it took about 10 photos before I got it perfect all the while muttering , sexy , sexy , under my breath LOL. One thing about it was that they could've provided something more, other than strawberries to help prevent the richness of the chocolate from overcoming you entirely.. not that its a bad thing of course. But we were left feeling just the slightest bit heavy after this.. and it certainly did live up to its name haha.

If the rest of the desserts were of this calibre, they definitely have an extremely promising dine in menu. I hope this means that they will be opening later so we could come here after dinner rather than the reverse. Can not wait to come back and try the other desserts, I'm pretty sure my friends would be willing to as well since several expressed their angst at missing a chance at free dessert due to busy schedules LOL. 

Blackflower Patisserie
5/37 Ultimo Rd
Haymarket, NSW