Friday, 31 May 2013

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Macarons

Harry: "Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans?" 
Ron: "They mean every flavor! There's chocolate and peppermint, and there's also spinach, liver, and tripe. George sweared he got a boogie flavored one once."

Haha. Anyone else have fond memories of Harry Potter ? No? Just me? Okay. For some reason that quote stuck, I remember being quite fascinated.. granted of course, as a children I was incredibly unadventurous concerning food, how ironic now. I stumbled upon the concept more as an attempt to conceal a mistake but nonetheless, it appeared to work out rather well. I made the macarons for my sister's birthday, knowing that she has a huge penchant for them. I've made macarons before but the appeal solely lies in the abundance of flavours and the kaleidoscope of colours that it provides.. it's awfully mundane to make a batch of just one flavour and colour . I read that the Italian method was more reliable concerning multicoloured macarons .. I just didnt anticipate how finicky it was however. In the end, I decided to forgo the multitude of colours and just stick to something a lot more simpler. That is, just stick to my original plan and have a multitude of flavours from one frosting batch but keep the colour the same.
It all worked out well as now it had a more mysterious element introduced... THERES A CHANCE YOU COULD GET A BAD FLAVOUR ! .. Not haha . This time around I made sure it was .. mostly perfect haha , no unusual flavours .. or defected ones ... but definitely in the near future ;) . The flavours here were just, vanilla latte, green tea, milo , golden gaytime, nutella, vanilla, peanut butter&jelly, malted milkshake ... so... anyone dare try their luck ? Next time .. there shall be toothpaste... maybe when I have more time to experiment ... haha .

Present were also red velvet cupcakes and I must say , ladies and gentleman, please feast your eyes on this remarkable and most importantly, unedited beauty. The frosting speaks for itself doesnt it? I also made scones .. somewhat mundane after those gems huh ? Hahaha . Unfortunately, I had t leave for work soon after so I didnt get to see whether or not my sister and her friends enjoyed the desserts... one can solely hope right ?

Perhaps I should do more recipes inspired by things that I have read in my favourite books ;)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Picnic Hysteria

And now to dredge up the significance behind this photo before anyone can dwell on my unintentional short hiatus. With uni , theres really no time to enjoy your life , if anything, the opposite effect is achieved and you end up hating it. Especially if it involves four assignments due in two days. In any case, that's over now and there is just the slightest time left to relax. But that's the main reason to which I've been so withdrawn, hardly talking to any of my friends.
I have a habit of making a cake of epic proportions puncturing a friend's birthday or a special event (If you wish to see them, I direct you to my Instagram on the right hand side ;] ). To my absolute horror, I realised that it was a friend's birthday .. actually I wished him Happy Birthday a day before the actual date.. so to make it up to him we decided to do an awkward one on one picnic at the nearby park. Awkward as we didnt know each other that well . It's probably a testament to what kind of friends I made that are guys but I'm not used to anyone being too kind for me,  I always suspect that they have an ulterior motive. Anyway, so right up to the end, we were still debating whether or not to do it ... fast forward, no we did not , even though I had finished the picnic for one. Despite the fact that I had 2 hours to cook, battle the clock and the lack of things left in my fridge, although .. I'm surprised at what I did manage to conjure up. Let us never mention the failed creme brulees and I consider this a success .. even if we never went through with it. A quick summary of what I made , lightened up 'cheesecake', crustless quiche, caramel popcorn, corn and salted, malted chocolate chip cookies. 

I hope these lacklustre recipes make up for the hiatus. If not then I sincerely apologise haha . There was a slight blogworthy event next week but I didnt want to leave too much of a gap between entries. In any case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN ! I hope you had a great day today ! And I feel extremely horrid that I was too busy to make anything special :X 

Lightened Up Crustless Quiche for One 

The perfect way to clear your fridge. Cheese is the seal that holds everything together. It's one of those fail-safe ingredients that can lift up the entire dish no matter how many times you attempt to screw it up. This is so easy to make it seems almost silly to provide a recipe especially since you can modify it to the ingredients you have on hand.

1 egg 
2 tbls 0% Plain Chobani 
Small handful of Spinach 
Several cherry tomatoes halved 
Tiny pinch of Bacon 
Pinch of Parmesan 
1/4 cup of cheese 

Mix everything together, and bake for 20minutes at 180 Celcius.

Lightened 'Cheesecake' with Berry Coulis

I would add a teaspoon of vanilla or lemon but unfortunately I didnt have them on hand. 

1-2 tbls of sugar 
1/4 cup Tofutti 
1/3 cup Chobani 

Small handful of berries 
1 tbls sugar 

Mix the first three ingredients until smooth. Refrigerate until needed. To make the berry coulis what I did was microwave it for a minute or so until it bubbled and topped the cheesecake with it once cool. 

Salted, malted chocolate chip cookies.These turned out a bit dark as I forgot about it for a short period of time. Recipe here

Lightened up Caramel Popcorn 

1/4 cup unpopped corn kernels
a brown paper bag 

4 tbls honey 
2 tbls Peanut butter 
A pinch of salt (Don't omit this, it helps cut through the sweetness a bit and adds another dimension of flavour)

Making popcorn in a microwave is dependant on your microwave oven. Mine took 2.5 minutes on high.

Microwave honey, peanut butter and salt until it bubbles. Mix with a spatula until well combined. Fold through popcorn in a large bowl until coated. Refrigerate until slightly hardened. Enjoy.