Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fashion Inspiration : SNSD's ' I Got A Boy'


Anyone as enamoured as I am about the outfits SNSD sport in their 'I Got A Boy' performances ? This concept is such a refreshing new change for them, in the past we've been hit with a feminine concept with a few elements tweaked, specifically the fresh for INTW, the cute & sweet for Kissing You & Gee and sexy, classy & chic for The Boys , RDR & Genie. For this concept, its a kaleidoscopic streetwear explosion, ensnaring us into this new world of punk with fun statement pieces that presents a bombardment of colours. The entire vid & their following performances are simply a treasure trove of fashion inspiration ... ones that I cant wait to hit up a thrift/opshop since well, I cant afford to purchase a jacket thats worth half the value of my house like they can LOL.

Ive been an avid watcher of their performances, (seriously , each just gets better & better !) and there are a few things that stands out which I am trying very hard not to yearn for since it always ends up with a massive mindless impulsive money thrusting carelessly spree .

What I love is that everything that they wear is just so edgy and eclectic. I guess anything that's unique, mismatched, colourful and quirky is guaranteed to be up my alley and appeal to me . The style in this concept is bold and creative which induces very strong addiction symptoms as I wait for a new live performance to be released because surely, they will be wearing brand new costumes that will inspire my wardrobe. I love how so many bizarre prints & elements can be thrown together yet it can look super stylish ;O . How on earth can they wear anything and make it look god damn amazing ?! When SNSD first came out with this concept there was speculation that they were mimicking 2NE1's style. Whilst they are similar I would say SNSD's style is a lot more feminine as they incorporate things like headscarves, vibrant colours such as yellow, optimistic accessories & designs such as their tattoo leggings, bows, colourful patches that adorn their clothing (ie. smiley faces, among numerous other things) , graphic tees with disney inspirated prints, batman, etc. & hair accessories such as the cat headband, using bandanas as headbands as well as having their hair styled in curls and cute hairstyles like pigtails . Due to this, juxtaposition that is created especially when they mix the more masculine concept such as military inspired clothing with those aforementioned feminine aspects, their stage outfits are always unique and fresh, preventing them from becoming stale and monotonous. It's all in the tiny details that makes an outfit pop and entirely unique!

I love how they took Yoona's camo jacket up a notch by adorning it with patches and badges. Subtle things make all the difference !  
I love how Seohyun wears this overall ! I never thought such a childish attire could look so fashionable. It helps that there's, a hanging handkerchief and badges for added interest that creates that fine line between juvenile and fashionable. . 

Completely enamoured with how simple and casual Jessica's batman logo jersey top looks , the way her curls are done looks very girly as well. Patches, patches upon patches !
Tiffany's cat ear handband & Seohyun's spiked heandband, I want ! Thankfully I  found some DIY tutorials on YouTube here and here.

That quilted pocket brings a bit more interest to an otherwixe basic black denim

Everything here is just ... *speechless* everything here just melds altogether, most likely due to the fact that they are of the same colour tone.

Not an IGAB performance but I love how girly that cardigan is . I imagine it'll come with a very exuberant price tag but it looks simple enough to o a DIY project on :)

LOL check out those oversized studded buttons ! Such a quirky twist ! Also a gold chain  extending down the length of the arm ? Genius. And if that wasnt enough attention to detail, there are some patches; a smikey face, peace and red lips. On Taeyeon's jersey there is a portuding tree spike detail on the shoulder and dangling longer spikes. Details, Details, Details !

Hyoyeon's leggings ! Gold chains wrapped multiple times around her wrists .. who says you cant ornament your arms when wearing long sleeves ?! 

Omggg . I want Seohyun's bow sleeved jacket ! It looks DIY-able hahha >< .. I hope. Tiffany's off shoulder mickey mouse top is totally cute as well. 

These outfits are just love . 

Ahh, so many times when I watch their performances I wish i could just reach through the screen and grab whatever they're wearing D: . I hope you enjoyed this post. So did you happen to enjoy SNSD's newest concept ? And if you did leave a comment below stating what you loved most whether it be what they wore , the dance etc. I've always loved what SNSD wore, particularly their airport fashion .. if you like these kinds of posts maybe I'll do another analytical review in the future ? Sighh , I wish the opshops in Sydney are like the thrift stores in America ... from the hauls that I've seen on Youtube, they're so much cheaper & there are more unusual gems over there ! Sighh , I guess I can only work with what I have haha >< .

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