Monday, 20 March 2017

zumbaron day 2017

On Sunday, I traipsed across a vast distance for Zumbaron Day at the Star. 60 flavours available this Zumbaron Day and I'd like to say I was quite sensible, wouldn't you agree? Above are the Toasted Marshmallow - which I found to be toothachingly sweet and the Yuzu Japanese Cheesecake which was refreshing in its citrus. 

 Hahahaha. Sensible. Right. So in the end, I ended up with 35 flavours including and not limited to Rose Smoked Bacon, Sriracha Chilli Sauce, Caramelised Garlic Bread and Coca Cola. Oh and the Carmello Koala Ate a Twix and the Golden Gaytime. What kind of self imposed Bertie Botts every flavour beans masochism is this?

So we have some that are uncannily like their namesake, which unfortunately did not mean that it tasted like heaven on the tongue. Sriracha ... for all your culinary needs except in macarons. The Coca Cola on the other hand was remarkable. The mararon itself tasted like a flat soda but dusted outside was a sort of tart popping candy that emulated the trademark fizziness of carbonated beverages that left us puckering at the face. Of all the macarons I've tried, Zumbo definitely wins out for the lusciousness of its filling. But I have to say, having several in one sitting does detract from the flavour impact that some could have. I have 6 macarons left but from the ones that I've tried, I can say my favourites have been Caramalised White Choc & Cherry, Pancakes & Maple Syrup, Pina Colada and Coca Cola. That and some were complete misses, but it's a day to embrace wackiness so walk away laden with more macarons that you can humanely consume.

Since we were already at The Star, and in a vain attempt to counteract the sugar overload, I picked up a tuna burger from Gojima. I don't know why I didn't try a rice bun burger when I was in Japan, for some reason, I was convinced it was wasted stomach space at the time. Time to rectify that. So I bought this, preparing for it to be a gimmick but when I sunk my teeth into it, my eyes enlarged instantaneously. It was incredibly good. How? The nori yielded easily to each bite, the rice bun added a delightful crispy contrast and the tuna was dressed in an incredible spicy sauce. It even works with the cheese. I ... I am astonished. And I want ten more. I've been converted.

Will I be buying an inordinate amount of macarons next year for Zumbaron Day 2018 if it runs again? ... Maybe.



Sunday, 5 March 2017

the nanny

If there's to be an unusual fashion icon... would Fran Fine from The Nanny make the cut? How naive. 90s fashion is always fashionable and yet I didn't think that there was a correlation between that and 90s TV shows? Where did the belief of them being tacky come from? I've sinned and for that, I will atone. Despite the fact that it's been over two decades since The Nanny has begun airing, there is a blog dedicated to identifying the pieces that she wears. You're welcome.

There is an unprecedented amount of Moschino that she dons, which further cements that I'm going to have to undergo a TV show timewarp for inspiration. Ironically, although most of what she wears is designer, due to her character, it's perceived as tacky and ostentatious. Perfect. 

As it appears, my style transcends eras. As it appears, I'm incredibly stymied at this latest development, but I'm all the more richer for it.